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Exam, X-Rays, and MRI

Not All Chiropractors Have X-Ray Equipment In Their Office?

Other chiropractors either don't have the resources for an x-ray machine or they like to guess what the problem is. It is inconvenient, time consuming, and more expensive for the patient, to go to an outside facility to get x-rays processed and then have them bring the films back to the chiropractor for evaluation.

Here at the Chiropractic Health Club, we make it convenient and affordable to get the complete examination. By the way, We Only Take X-Rays if it is Necessary.

The Best Way to Confirm a Disc Problem is to
have an MRI

MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) shows both bone and soft tissue.

The best MRI for finding disc problems is Weight Bearing MRI, either sitting or standing. Unfortunately, most MRI's are still taken laying down and disc problems can be missed or mistakenly classified as mild.

Depending on your Health Insurance or Hospital, Medical Doctors are reluctant to order an MRI unless you tried taking Medication and Physical Therapy first? They are hoping your pain will just disappear.

Unfortunately, Muscle Relaxers and Pain Medication just covers up the symptoms temporarily, if at all, but doesn't fix the problem.

Physical Therapy can aggravate your symptoms because you are exercising while you are hurt and that doesn't make sense?

Also, some physical therapy offices just shows you how to exercise and stretch in a group class setting, which really doesn't help much.

Do you need a doctor's referal to get an MRI?

If you have a PPO insurance,
Dr Wong can order a MRI for you, right away.

If you don't have health insurance,
Dr Wong can order a MRI for you and get you a discounted cash price of about $350-$400 at a local MRI center.

 If you are looking for a second opinion, this is the place to come. We find what other doctors have missed!

"At Dr. Wong's office, I had an initial exam unlike any I had experienced in the past, including medical doctors, osteopaths, and other chiropractors. This was the most complete checkout I had ever had, which I took as a good sign."
                                                                 Tom N.

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