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What is Decompression?

Spinal Decompression is the best Non Surgical treatment for lower back disc problems before having to resort to surgery.

There may be a need for surgery if you have:
--Severe, prolonged, incapacitating, lower back or leg pain with MRI documentaton
--Severe pinching of the nerve causing extreme neurological deficit of the leg
--Severe central spinal canal stenosis causing pinching of the spinal cord and/or bowel or bladder problems

        Chiropractic treatment is good for Mild disc problems.


   Spinal Decompression is good for Moderate to Severe disc
      problems, that don't have an immediate surgical need.

Spinal Decompression is computerized stretching of the lower back disc that creates a negative pressure in the disc that draws the liquid nucleas of the disc back towards the center (where it is supposed to be) and promotes increased blood flow to the disc (which increases healing).

A Pelvic Harness and Thoracic Harness is securely strapped on, while laying on a comfortable memory foam table.

The computer senses if your muscles are relaxed or not relaxed and self adjusts the amount of decompression pull, making the treatment very relaxing and painless.

Don't Get Confused with Other Types of
        Traction / Decompression / Inversion Tables?


  Other Decompression Table        Our Decompression Table

                Which one looks better to you?

Inversion Tables only tractions your spine based on your weight and gravity, which is not enough to get the true clinical decompression on the disc.

Also, your back muscles won't be relaxed enough to allow the disc to decompress because hanging upside down from your feet is uncomfortable and there is a lot of blood rushing to your head.

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